Working With CSV Flat Files: Storage

If your server supports PHP but not MySQL — or perhaps you don’t want to learn SQL syntax — you may be despairing of finding an effective storage solution? Don’t lose hope; you can store all sorts of content in plain text files as simple as pie. (Mmm, pie!) What’s a “CSV”? CSV stands for […]

Working with MySQL: Data Access

Taking data from the database is even more simple than storing it in there. Because we’re already set up our forms and created the database in our Working with MySQL: Storage tutorial, we can get struck into displaying that data on a page. First we create our page, as normal this can be called anything […]

Working with MySQL: Storage

Once you’ve created a MySQL Database, the obvious next step is to try and store data in it. Databases can store all sorts of things: everything from basic visitor feedback to complex weblog systems and even shopping carts. Of course, trying to explain how to create a working shopping cart is way beyond the scope […]