PHP Mail Form: Secure and Protected

The one major downside to the ever-changing fast paced cyber world that we call the Internet is the speed at which code becomes outdated and new security issues are discovered. This tutorial covers the basics as set forth in previous tutorialtastic mail form guides with new, more advanced security techniques and spam-blocking measures. Firstly, the […]

Securing Your Passwords

Most people have their MySQL connection strings and other important data in a config/functions file in the main public_html directory. One badly set permission, or even a server glitch, can cause this file to become exposed leaving it vulnerable to direct attack via URL. The solution? Ensure the file cannot be accessed via URL by […]

What happened to Flinx/PHPFanBase/ PHPCalendar/ PHPCurrently etc?

Several of the original CodeGrrl scripts, including PHPFanBase, Flinx, Flinx Collective, FA-PHPHosting, sflinks, PHPAffili8, PHPCurrently, PHPCalendar, PHPClique, and PHPQuotes have been taken down off the site due to security concerns. In a worst-case scenario, having them installed could lead to your site being hacked. The GirlsWhoGeek team hope to get these replaced with secure alternatives […]

Creating a Secure PHP Login Page

Note: this tutorial is designed for protecting a single page. To protect an entire section, e.g. an admin area, please read the Creating a Secure PHP Login Area tutorial. If you run a popular graphics site or have content that you only want exclusive visitors to see, it is often quite popular to set silly […]