Converting From iframes

While I’m reassured occasionally that iframes have their uses, I cannot stand them or their oft misused presence. If they’re not being blasted out in lime green because of incorrect transparencies, then they’re being given heights of 10,000 just in case — to prevent them from scrolling. This creates a seemingly endless vertical scrollbar, and […]

Custom Page Titles with PHP Includes

The problem with using PHP includes to make maintaining larger websites easier is it means sacrificing certain customisations (i.e. custom page headers) that would be possible with individual pages. As specific page titles are vital for relevant listings in search engines, not having them means sacrificing page rank too. Or so you might have thought! […]

PHP Includes

PHP includes are essentially for including data from one file into another; they are also very handy at making your website easier to maintain. If you have more than 4-5 pages in your website, you’ve probably already had to go through the trouble of editing every single one when you discover a common problem or […]

Server Side Includes

If your server doesn’t support PHP and you still want the convenience of PHP Includes, you need not resort to badly coded iframes or some other mad method — there’s a way to do it with SHTML that’s just as easy. First things first, all of your pages need to be converted from .html and […]