Basic HTML: Image Tags and alt Attributes

Once you’ve created the basic structure of your web page and added some text in paragraphs and headers you’ll probably want to spice things up with an image or two, and maybe a few links to your favourite websites. Images Images are used one web pages for two primary reasons: 1) to illustrate an example […]

Basic HTML: Paragraphs and Headers

Text makes up the core content of any web site, and has lots of tags to enable us to display it exactly how we need it. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to present text in the simplest way using paragraphs and headers. Paragraph Tags Paragraph tags structure our paragraphs of text. They tell the […]

Basic HTML: Your First Web Page

Every website must start with a home page. This is the main page that your visitors will usually ‘land’ on when they find your website. Although the content of a home page may vary site by site, it is generally where you’d place an introduction to your website and some updates or a blog. Creating […]

Basic HTML: Getting Started

Creating a web page is a simple and fun process. Whether you want to tell the world about yourself, or you’ve been recruited by your boss to advertise the company you work for, there’s no reason you can’t pick up the basics and get a page online in just a few hours. What is HTML? […]

Fixing Common Validation Errors

When it comes to validating your web pages, it’s often easy to miss little things that are generally unimportant to the layout of the page but make the w3c validator throw a temper tantrum. I’ve compiled a list of common errors and warnings, and how to fix them. No Character Encoding Found! Falling back to […]

Basic HTML: Meta Tags

Meta tags are important tags that should be included in the <head> of your web page document (that is, between the opening and closing head tags). They generally contain information for the browser – how to render the page, who made it, a description of it, etc. This information is also collected or used by […]

Showing Code on Your Webpage

The problem with a lot of ‘how to show code’ tutorials on the Internet is that they teach you completely the wrong things! I’ve seen countless tutorials telling people to wrap the code in a <textarea> or just leave spaces between the <, > and the tag name — ALL wrong. And no, not just […]