Working With CSV Flat Files: Storage

If your server supports PHP but not MySQL — or perhaps you don’t want to learn SQL syntax — you may be despairing of finding an effective storage solution? Don’t lose hope; you can store all sorts of content in plain text files as simple as pie. (Mmm, pie!) What’s a “CSV”? CSV stands for […]

PHP Mail Form: Secure and Protected

The one major downside to the ever-changing fast paced cyber world that we call the Internet is the speed at which code becomes outdated and new security issues are discovered. This tutorial covers the basics as set forth in previous tutorialtastic mail form guides with new, more advanced security techniques and spam-blocking measures. Firstly, the […]

Creating an Error Reporter

This tutorial will guide you through creating a form that allows people to report errors (typos etc) they find on your website (as previously seen on The first step is to create the actual form. We need three fields: page URL, error and correction. This allows visitors to pinpoint exactly where and what the […]

PHPFanBase JavaScript Spam Protection

Note: PHPFanBase is an old script with known security issues. Use with caution. This tutorial will show you how to implement basic JavaScript protection to deter automated spam bots from filling in fake applications at your PHPFanBase-powered fanlisting. Open join.php and find the following line (and fix the typo “Subtmit”; this should be “Submit”): <td><input […]

Creating a Secure PHP Login Page

Note: this tutorial is designed for protecting a single page. To protect an entire section, e.g. an admin area, please read the Creating a Secure PHP Login Area tutorial. If you run a popular graphics site or have content that you only want exclusive visitors to see, it is often quite popular to set silly […]