Show and Hide Elements with JavaScript

One of the benefits of JavaScript is that it can be easily used to manipulate elements on a page without having to refresh or fiddle with complex server-side languages. For example, imagine you have a page of frequently asked questions — you won’t necessarily want all of these to appear at once, so we can […]

Creating a PHP Styleswitcher

One of the benefits of creating a CSS-rich website is that you can change how the website looks completely, simply by creating a new stylesheet. This means that you can skin your CSS-based website using multiple stylesheets, instead of the old route of creating separate header and footer include files. Once you’ve created your stylesheets […]

Horizontal Semantic List-based CSS Navigation

If you’ve read my Vertical Semantic List-based CSS Navigation tutorial you’ll already know that a major part of web standards involves using mark-up (HTML or XHTML) for its intended purpose instead of purely to style pages. Part of this involves using lists to control navigation, because that’s exactly what navigation is — a list of […]

Showing Code on Your Webpage

The problem with a lot of ‘how to show code’ tutorials on the Internet is that they teach you completely the wrong things! I’ve seen countless tutorials telling people to wrap the code in a <textarea> or just leave spaces between the <, > and the tag name — ALL wrong. And no, not just […]

Create a Tableless (CSS) Layout

I bet you’ve heard the coding obsessed web designers getting their knickers in a twist about CSS layouts, yet you don’t know the first thing about them, right? Obviously that’s why you’re here! Well, providing you have a little CSS knowledge and know how to separate style from content, you should find this tutorial a […]

Skinning (Theming) Your Website with PHP

I’ve followed countless methods for skinning/theming my website and they’ve always been flawed with cross-browser compatibility issues or have serious security issues. This little script will help you skin your website without having to rely on bad coding or constant troubleshooting. First, create your skins folder. This will contain another folder for every skin you […]

CSS Safe Colour Guide

These hex colours were designed to look the same across all computers/screen types. It has been argued that this is impossible to achieve, but these are the ‘web safe colours’ all the same: 000000 000033 000066 000099 0000CC 0000FF 003300 003333 003366 003399 0033CC 0033FF 006600 006633 006666 006699 0066CC 0066FF 009900 009933 009966 009999 […]