Creating a Custom WordPress Shortcode

Creating your own WordPress shortcodes is a nifty way to build dynamic elements into your website without relying on 3rd party developers or plugins. This tutorial offers a beginner’s guide to creating your first WordPress plugin which will be referenced by a custom shortcode. In this example we’ll be creating a basic random quote generator […]

Securing Your Passwords

Most people have their MySQL connection strings and other important data in a config/functions file in the main public_html directory. One badly set permission, or even a server glitch, can cause this file to become exposed leaving it vulnerable to direct attack via URL. The solution? Ensure the file cannot be accessed via URL by […]

Enth3 JavaScript Spam Protection

Open show_join.php and near the bottom, find this: <input type="submit" value="Join the <?php echo $info[‘listingtype’]; ?>" class="enth3_submit" /> ..just before it, add: <script type="text/javascript"> <!– document.write(‘<input type="hidden" name="spamproofing" id="spamproofing" value="SPAMWORD" />’); //–> </script> <noscript><div>JavaScript must be enabled to join due to spam restrictions in place.</div></noscript> At the top of the file, after this: if( isset( […]