Where can I find [..] script?

If you’re looking for a particular script for your website, checkout our Which script? forum for recommendations.

What’s my “absolute path”?

Create a .php page and paste in the following snippet: <?php $path = pathinfo($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]); echo $path[‘dirname’]; ?> Upload the page to your server to the folder you need the path for and view in your browser; the absolute path will be shown.

What happened to Flinx/PHPFanBase/ PHPCalendar/ PHPCurrently etc?

Several of the original CodeGrrl scripts, including PHPFanBase, Flinx, Flinx Collective, FA-PHPHosting, sflinks, PHPAffili8, PHPCurrently, PHPCalendar, PHPClique, and PHPQuotes have been taken down off the site due to security concerns. In a worst-case scenario, having them installed could lead to your site being hacked. The GirlsWhoGeek team hope to get these replaced with secure alternatives […]

Free hosts and PHP?

Free hosts do not typically support PHP. If you want to run a PHP script or write your own PHP files, you will need to find a new host. GirlsWhoGeek recommends Bubble.nu. Alternatively, you can use get-what-you-give.com to find a suitable host.

Browser saving the .php file?

Your web browser will typically prompt you to save a .php file if it can’t parse it. This is caused by two things: a temporary glitch on the web server that will resolve itself shortly, or if you are trying to load a locally hosted (that means a file on your own computer) without a […]