Writing Useful Error Pages

You and I know what 404 means — page not found — but to your average Internet user it could be the number for your favourite dish on the local Chinese takeaway menu. 404, and its friends 403 and 500 are the three most common error pages that you’re likely to come across while browsing. […]

Where can I find [..] script?

If you’re looking for a particular script for your website, checkout our Which script? forum for recommendations.

What’s my “absolute path”?

Create a .php page and paste in the following snippet: <?php $path = pathinfo($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]); echo $path[‘dirname’]; ?> Upload the page to your server to the folder you need the path for and view in your browser; the absolute path will be shown.

External Link Hit Counter

If you own a resource website with a links page you may want to keep track of the links people are visiting so you can adjust your content and the links you add to suit. This simple external link hit counter will be able to help. First, we need to create a database, and table […]

Basic HTML: Image Tags and alt Attributes

Once you’ve created the basic structure of your web page and added some text in paragraphs and headers you’ll probably want to spice things up with an image or two, and maybe a few links to your favourite websites. Images Images are used one web pages for two primary reasons: 1) to illustrate an example […]

Advanced Image Rotation

Although my original tutorial on image rotations still works, it’s major flaw is the dependency on the script creator to enter a list of images to rotate. While this is not a problem if you only want to rotate a few images, and don’t intend on adding to it after creation, it will become a […]

Working With CSV Flat Files: Storage

If your server supports PHP but not MySQL — or perhaps you don’t want to learn SQL syntax — you may be despairing of finding an effective storage solution? Don’t lose hope; you can store all sorts of content in plain text files as simple as pie. (Mmm, pie!) What’s a “CSV”? CSV stands for […]